[The Ninja Notepad][Guess Wut The Fuck This Is][Eminem Mama]
[Ninja Wisdom][Juggalo Triva Game][Internet Radio]

The Ninja Notepad
This is Fats Juggalo and Critter’s own personal stash of mad fresh rhymes inspired by the Dark Carnival. When The Serial Ninjaz put pen to paper and let the shit flow, you wont believe how absolutely fuckin’ wicked this shit is. We the serial slaughterin’ axe murderin’ ninja freak show stop at nothing to bring you the freshest shit to hit the Internet! And, if you don’t like it… EAT A DICK!
Guess Wut The Fuck This is
We know all you fuckin’ ninjalos out there have heard of this game from the Shaggy Show… But since we are to fuckin cheap to videotape shit… We are bringing this game home wicked ghetto ninja style! The premise is, we take a extreme close-up picture of something incredibly fuckin stupid… And you flops of fuck have to try to guess what the fuck it is! Sounds like fun… Don’t it?
Eminem Mama
We all know and love “Yo Mama” jokes. But did you know that ever single “Yo Mama” joke applies to Eminem and his bitch ass mama? Yup that’s right Eminem mama so fat even the church couldn’t lift her sprits! We have gathered the best of the best “Eminem Mama” jokes and put them here for all juggalos to enjoy.
Ninja Wisdom
Not only are ninjaz fuckin’ mysterious fuckin’ killers and assassins, but they are wise and powerful fuckin’ philosophers. Betcha didn’t know that shit; did ya? In this section, Fats Juggalo and Critter bring you the most wise fuckin’ advise on just about everything you ever wanted to know Email your fuckin’ questions to us, and if you’re lucky we just might answer it here in the fuckin’ Ninja Wisdom section!
The Juggalo Trivia Game
You think you know everything there is to know about I.C.P., Twiztid, and the rest of the Dark Carnival? Find out when you take this fuckin’ in-depth fuckin’ ultra Juggalo quiz. Find out just how much you really know… And you too can be super ninjalos like Critter and Fats Juggalo!
Internet Radio
Check this shit out to have a listen to Internet Radio Stations… Stations fuckin’ programmed by juggalos for juggalos. You can choose to listen to the station created by the ninja web master, Fats Juggalo or by that wicked ninjalo Critter… Either way you are in for some fresh shit, mutha facku!