Fats Juggalo: I’m flippin’ through the channels the other night at like three o’clock in the fuckin’ morning. Mostly stopping on the fuckin’ History Channel, and an infomercial for the Girls Gone Wild DVDs. Anyway I stopped on MTV for a piece to catch the tail end of the “Just Like a Pill” video by Pink (what can I say, the bitch gives me a chubby). I’m just about to flip back over to a documentary about fuckin’ nuclear fallout bunkers during the Cold War on the History Channel, when I noticed that the next video was the new Eminem single “Cleaning Out My Closet” (which should be changed to “Coming Out My Closet” the fuckin’ homo!). Anyway, as I’m listening to this piece of shit that he calls a song. I felt myself getting angry. It’s no secret that Eminem and his mother have had some public issues. But what the fuck?!?! Some things just don’t need to be said out in public… I don’t give a fuck what kinda relationship the little bitch had with his Mama, I don’t like to hear people talkin’ bout they Mama that way. I happen to love my Mama, And God forbid if something happened to her; I don’t know what I’d do. So to Eminem, I’d say this… keep on rappin’ bout getting your butthole filled out like an application and all the other lame ass shit you shove down the public’s throat. And get off Mama’s. I don’t give two shits and a fuck if it is your own mama. You need to treat her with more respect, no matter how badly she treated you… In the meantime, there are plenty of snaps on yo mama in my “EMINEM MAMA” section… But none are as harsh as you go bitch-boy!

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