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Tuesday November 5, 2002
My Thoughts on The Wraith’s Exhibit of Shangri-La

The fist thing that I have to say is that The Wraith: Shangri-La is most defiantly the most thought provoking album of any kind that I have ever listened to. I have come to my conclusion. This is one of the best albums ever recorded. There are a lot of “Juggalos” out there that are gonna hate on ICP now that the secret has been reviled. But to me it was not really a secret.
Shangri-La is heaven… and God is our higher power… Yeah.. I knew that already. That doesn’t change a fuckin’ thing. And the Juggalos that ain’t down no more, were never down in the first place. I feel good about this whole thing.. Heaven is what makes you happy. If its golden roads and crystal castles that’s cool… But to a select few when we die, we will open up our eyes and awaken in the Dark Carnival… and I’m cool with that.
Now I’ma bounce on outty so I can go listen to this shit a couple more times for I pass the fuck out.. and let me just say one thing…. THEY DID NOT FUCK UP!!!
Peace Out Ninjaz
MCL, Fats Juggalo (Fatty J) Still Down Wit Da Clown Mudda Fackos!

Sunday September 29, 2002
Mad-Fuckin’ Important Dates to Remember

I just finished listening to the OD show on WRIF.com. I gotta say that the whole show was off the fuckin’ hook. If you missed it, I gotta list of release dates for upcoming Psychopathic Records releases that every Juggalo needs to check out. Some of these you may already know, but some you may not, so here is a list of some of the mad-fresh upcoming flava:
    October 1, 2002 – Debut of the Purple Show on Twiztid.com
    November 5, 2002 – Insane Clown Posse – The Wraith Shangri La
    December 3, 2002 – Esham – Acid Rain
    January 21, 2003 – Zug Island – Cracked House
    February 18, 2003 – Anybody Killa – Hatchet Warrior
    March 17, 2003 – Blaze Ya Dead Homie – Colton Grundy The Undying
    April 15, 2003 – Twiztid – The Green Book
So mutha fackus, I got a gang of shit to do, so I’ll catch y’all later!

Thursday September 12, 2002
Insane Clown Posse on WRIF 100.1

Sunday September 29, 2002, all juggalos should be glued to your radio, or to your computer (if you can’t listen to 100 WRIF where you live) between 8 and 11 PM. Because Insane Clown Posse will be guests on the OD show during those hours. We can only imagine the mad freshness that will take place on that night, so if you can’t tune in to WRIF on the radio, hit up www.wrif.com on that night for the live broadcast. This is gonna be some killer shit yo!
If you haven’t checked out Violent J’s Weekly Freekly yet, take your ass over to insaneclownposse.com and check that shit out… Go ahead, I’ll wait….
Okay, your back, and you’ve read it. Here is my prediction for which one is the true story… I would guess it was the first one, “Lord Zoltar - G.W.F. Champ”. The reason I went with this one, is because if Noel was so fuckin’ lame… How the fuck is he gonna go ahead and get his fuckin’ pickle buffed by anyone but himself?
Oh and while I’m typing this shit down, I’m listening to the new ICP single “Juggalo Homies” and let me just say it is tyght as hell, and I absoultly can’t wait for November 5th so I can ninja tiptoe into the record store and straight up pocket that shit (just kidding by the way – I have every intention of paying for it – maybe…) MCL Nin-Juggalos!!!

Wendsday September 11, 2002
SerialNinjaz.tk Remembering Heros

Today we at SerialNinjaz.tk would like to take a minute to honor those people who lost their lives in the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Especially the brave souls of the New York Fire Department, the police officers and the rescue workers who were killed doing their job, and trying to help those in distress. To you we salute you and ask that all Americans never forget the men women and children that died in the 9/11 attacks. MCL Ninjaz.

Saturday September 9, 2002
New Wraith Single on ICP.com Tomorrow!!!

Just a quick little update on the new Wraith Single… It has been announced that the new single from the mighty Sixth Jokers Card will be available for download on insaneclownposse.com tomorrow evening (September 10th). So be sure to hit up ICP.com for all the insane freshness that is the Sixth Jokers Card!!!

Saturday September 7, 2002
Psychopathic Happenings

A coupe of weeks ago, the first single off of the long awaited Sixth Jokers Card was dropped on insaneclownposse.com, the single: Crossing Thy Bridge is unbelievably fuckin’ fresh as hell. ICP.com also promises that yet another Wraith single will be dropped very soon. Violent J, has graciously hooked us the Juggalos up with his AOL IM handle: GetYaWickedOn@aol.com, So be sure to add that shit to your buddy list, so you can say “Wud Up” to J.
Esham The Unholy’s firs album off of Psychopathic Records, Acid Rain, is set to hit shelves on October 15, 2002. With another, Redemption, set to drop early next year!
ICP, will be shooting the first Video for the Wraith in Los Angles, in a few days, and they are recruiting Juggalos and Juggalettes to be in that shit. If you can be in the L.A. area on the 14th and 15th of this month, head over to insaneclownposse.com, and sign up for that shit.
One more thing… You asked for it, so you got it. The official Fats Juggalo Wallpaper is now available for download in the Museum section!!! Okay, so no one really asked for that shit, but I made it anyways mutha facku!!
MCL Ninjalos!!! I’m out.

Wendsday August 21, 2002
The First Wraith Single!!!

On Tuesday August 27, 2002, there will be a single form the Sixth Jokers Card (The Wraith Shangri La) available for download in MP3 format on insaneclownposse.com! Also on that day, at the On-Line store, the first wave of Wraith gear will be available for purchase. check out HatchetGear.com for the deal on that fresh ass shit!
Celebrate the Sixth in a city near you
Also according to insaneclownposse.com, there will be several release parties for the album on the day it is set to drop (November 5, 2002). So far there are scheduled parties at venues in Dallas, Phoenix, Detroit, Los Angles, and Philadelphia. Keep checking insaneclownposse.com for more cities to hit this list.

Wendsday August 14, 2002
Drowning Pool Frontman Dave Williams Found Dead

Drowning Pool singer Dave Williams was found dead on the band's tour bus in Manassas, Virginia on Wendsday August 14, 2002. He was thirty years old. The cause of death has yet to be determined. Drowning Pool is a hell of a band, and Dave Williams will Be missed... Pease Out Ninja.

Sunday August 11, 2002
SerialNinjaz.tk Wallpaper

I just added our first official SerialNinjaz.tk Wallpaper... Let your desktop be the first on your block to sport this ultra fresh Wallpaper... Click the fuckin' link below to check that shit out.

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