Will You Still Love Me? - Written By Fats Juggalo - In the tradition of great Juggalo love songs like "Love Song", "Another Love Song", and "Plug Dat Puss" comes my own brand of love song

Coming Out My Closet - Written By Fats Juggalo - This is a parody of Eminem’s song “Cleaning Out My Closet”. I must warn you, that this song is extremely graphic, so if you are offended by homosexual humor, DO NOT open this link. Oh yeah and Eminem can EAT A DICKWITCH!! MCL Ninjaz~~~ Enjoy the song.

Welcome to My World - Written By Fats Juggalo - This is quite possibly the best piece of work I have done yet as far as writing lyrics goes… This song is actually written to be more of a heavy metal type of song rather than rap, but it is completely fuckin’ fresh nonetheless.

Second Grade Nightmare - Written By Fats Juggalo - This song is based on an actual nightmare that I had way back when I was a little ninja in the second grade. Hence the title.

The Night of the Ninja - Written By Fats Juggalo - Its back to the wicked shit with this nice little holiday tune… Why is it when people say holiday, people automatically think of Christmas… This song is about my favorite holiday… Halloween.

This One - Written By Fats Juggalo - After Writing a couple of "negitive" wicked songs... I decided to write one that was a little bit happier. This song is like one big shout out. It about a dream world that is a much better place to live than the world we live in.

Ninjaz Ride - Written By Fats Juggalo - This is a song that shows how bad ass the Serial Ninjaz are… And what happens when mutha fuckas come up against one.

F.T.W. - Written By Fats Juggalo - This is a song that was inspired by a song called "Fuck The World" By Insane Clown posse... Also By pro wrestler Tazz's old catch Phrase "FTW"... I set out to see just how many times i could say "FUCK" in one song... The answer is: 134!!! This song contains the word fuck 134 times.

Hooks and Chains - Written By Critter - More mutha fuckin' Wicked flava from Critter and his sharp rusty friends.

I Want Your Soul - Written By Critter - This is a short but wicked fuckin' song written buy Fats Juggalo's brother Critter before he got hooked up with his medication.